Best Priced Alternative for DIY Shed Kits

Yard Shed Built On Your PropertyHow many times have you purchased something that you never used.  It could have been something small like a shirt still hanging in the closet with the tags still on it to that pair of shoes that just didn’t fit right and you never returned.  Well what sort high dollar purchases have you made that you never utilized? Take a look around, in your garage and make an assessment.

Now think about the do it yourself backyard shed kits that you get from Home Depot or Lowes.  Wouldn’t you just prefer someone to put it together for you.  Well that is what you get with DNA Sheds but even better.  These are excellent quality sheds built on your property.  These sheds are not merely assembled but build with construction grade materials.  They can be painted and include windows, doors and shelving.   Check out DNA Sheds before you go and buy that shed kit you will never get assembled.


Droughts and Home Foundations

raising the houseDuring times of drought, the soil shrinks. This shrinkage can remove support from the building, leading to sagging and similar problems. In addition, drought can cause cracks to form in the soil around the home. When it finally rains, water can quickly move deeply into the soil through these fissures, causing even more dramatic shrinking and swelling.

When moisture in the soil rises to a normal level or, worse, the ground is saturated during a time of extensive rain, the soil can expand rather dramatically – up to 10 percent or more in volume. The change in soil volume exerts upward and lateral force on the structure.

In both of these situations, the home’s foundation can shift and move, leading to extensive foundation damage and a need for foundation repair.

When a foundation needs repair, pre-formed concrete piers are often the best choice for homes that need to be lifted. The piers are driven into either rock or load-bearing soil, raising the home back to its original level. Over the life of the home, the new piers will provide support and stabilizations for the home.

To repair the foundation, a contractor installs piers under the home and mechanically raises the foundation.  The foundation repair process can be quite an undertaking but should not be put off when needed.

What are those Sticking Doors About

homeSo you’ve noticed some sticking doors and windows.  That crack on the wall by the garage has definitely gotten bigger.  You recognize the signs of severe foundation distress, and now you’re ready to do something about it.

As any savvy shopper would, you collect bids from different foundation repair companies.  As you look over the estimates, there is one that jumps out at you, because it is substantially less than the rest.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

Here is a text-book example of how these scams go.  Company A claims that only a partial area of the foundation needs work.  So instead of ensuring the health of your entire home and foundation, they fix a fraction of the problem, disguising it as repairing your entire foundation.  They enter the negotiations knowing that a quality, reputable, professional foundation repair company may and often will quote a much higher estimate and often times when it comes time to provide the warranty the company has vanished.

Some things to look for when hiring a Foundation Repair Expert
      • Years of Experience
      • Online Reputation
      • Knowledgable
      • BBB Accredited

Talk to your neighbors.  Chances are they have had the same problem and feedback can always be helpful.